Wednesday, December 8, 2010

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Sample Letter

December 8 2010,

Honourable Mayor and Members of Toronto City Council,

Yesterday was a remarkable day for the city of Toronto. We received a major report from the Ontario Ombudsman outlining the major failures of the G20. The report basically stated what I and others have been discussing for months (we even had a discussion of human rights failure of the G20 here at our school).

While I wont outline the results from the report, because I hope you have taken the time to read it as it concerns the citizens of your city, I will say that there was a massive failure on the part of the Toronto police, in particular Chief Blair.

In addition to the human rights abuses that took place, the provincial government and Toronto Police were not informing citizens about their rights:

"There was a premeditated conscious plan not to announce the existence of the regulation or the reviving of this war time act, this relic. The government essentially...didn't want the public to know. (There was no) mention that police had the right according to a 1939 law to arbitrarily detain citizens kilometers away from the fence, to search their belongings...that was a conscious, premeditated decision by the authorities." -Andre Marin

In addition, the Toronto Chief of Police purposely, and admittedly, lied about the 5 meter fence rule. When asked about whether it existed, he replied "No, but I was trying to keep the criminals out.” The truth did not come out fully until after the G20.

Lastly, Mr. Marin added there was a lack of cooperation by Toronto police in his investigation.

I am begging you to please take action on this report, beginning with the dismissal of Chief Blair. He has lost the confidence of Torontonians, citizens of Canada, and visitors from around the world. How can we have a police chief who admittedly lied to Canadians about their rights, a lie which resulted in the unlawful search and detention of innocent persons, still remain as head of police in the largest city in Canada.

Again, I implore you to take action on this issue and I look forward to your response.

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